Stripper Pole Comparison Chart & Pole Reviews

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X~PoleExcellent professional grade pole. Holds heavier weights.
Portable & removable
Yes. Can be static (non-spinning) or spinning.from 2235mm (7′ 4″) to 2745mm (9′) straight from the box The 125mm (5in) and 250mm (10in) are included with each X-Pole set to reach a maximum ceiling height of 9ft
Articulating Base
No screws required. Must have floor & ceiling for poles.
Offers the no ceiling required X-Stage and the X-Stage Lite which I use.
Totally portable! What the pros use. Starts at only $299. Click here to order the stripper pole the strippers use.
Platinum Stages
Professional Grade, used in studios & clubs. Great option if you are looking for a pole for a bar. Holds heavier weights. Skinny pole option. Removable & portable.
Spinning AND StaticAll heights available including an “extreme” height option as well as poles that are stand alone and do not need a ceiling.Offers poles that do not need a ceiling! Also a pole that fits onto the hitch of your truck or SUVLots of options! If you need a specialty pole or a pole for a hard to fit area you will find it here. Click here to order this pole.
Lil Mynx PolesThe original at home pole. Studio grade. If you have a custom size you need look here. Removable & portable poles.Spinning AND Static as well as a smaller diameter skinny pole for small hands. Also a “wake stripper pole” for your ski boat.All sizes with additional parts you can buy for vaulted or dropped ceilings. Some poles need a ceiling some don’t.Poles come in spinning and static with a 1.75 or 2 “diameter option
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Stripper dance poles including Carmen Electra, X-Pole, Platinum Stages, and Lil Mynx.
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