Carmen Electra Spinning Dance Pole Kit

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Carmen Electra Spinning Stripper PoleThe Carmen Electra pole was one of the first at home stripper poles on the market.  As such, when spinning poles became popular I was not surprised to see Carmen come out with an at home SPINNING dance pole.  This is a great pole to learn on because having a spinning stripper pole helps you look elegant and like you know what you are doing from the beginning. Click Here to order this pole.

Here are the specs~

  • The Carmen Electra Spinning Pole pivots on bearings at either end which gives you not only greater spinning speed but also the ability to do more advanced pole-dancing moves.
  • Three finely wrought, slot-together sections – for ease of assembly, strength, the ultimate in stability and smooth joins
  • Specially designed, extendable top and bottom sections – providing the stability you’ll need to perform spins, flips and dramatic inverts
  • No special ceiling adapters – it will quickly set up and take down without cosmetic damage to your ceiling
  • You get the option to screw your dance pole into the ceiling permanently – for loads of over 200lbs.
  • It is made of the finest quality chrome finishes around, the choice of the professionals!
  • Extendable top section – for use on ceilings ranging from 7’2” to 8’6” in height
  • Handy Carry & Storage Bag – for convenient portability
  • Assembly Guide and DVD – getting started is quick and stress free.
  • The Electra-Pole Professional Pole Kit goes up and down in just 5-minutes.
  • Size: 50mm (1.96”) chrome steel pole and Extendable top section – for use on ceilings ranging from 7’2” to 8’6” in height

If you use the coupon code “FEATURED” at checkout you will receive 10% off of your ENTIRE order!  Happy pole dance! Click Here to order this pole!

Open Class September 10th 3pm! Bachelorettes, groups, or individual ladies welcome but you must preregister.