Pole Dance & Fit for Pole Intro

Posted By on Nov 14, 2019

Any questions not mentioned in the video please email me at! My location for in person classes both group and one on one is at Camp Verde Dance and Fitness in Camp Verde. I am also teaching cycle and pilates/yoga fusion to get you fit for pole. for products mentioned in video:Poles:X Pole Mynx...

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Best Stripper Poles – X-Pole

Posted By on May 18, 2016

This is the pole that I have in my home, the X-Pole. I think that this is one of the best poles for home use for a few reasons: Sturdy Great Customer Service Easily installed & can be installed without any screws into the ceiling and is VERY sturdy Aerial Equipment Extra Part Selection Click here for the entire X Pole website....

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Paula’s Choice $10 off no coupon or promo code needed just use the link! I have been a skin care junkie since I was 12 years old. At 12 a woman who I admired who was VERY beautiful told me her age (40) and at 12 that seemed ancient. I could not believe such an ancient creature could still look so beautiful. She put her arm around me and said “Sunscreen honey, wear sunscreen every day. And a hat.”  I immediately...

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Thinx Promo~ Get $10 off your order no coupon or promo code needed just use the link below. Full review. **WITH UPDATE** (PSST!!! If you like saving money on effective, non animal tested skin care that WORKS check out Paula’s Choice & get $10) TO SAVE $10 CLICK HERE I ALSO HAVE ADDITIONAL $10 OFF COUPON CODES FOR SALE BY PAYPAL FOR $3 YOU MAY USE THE BUTTON BELOW AND I WILL EMAIL YOUR $10 OFF CODE WITHIN 24 HOURS OR SOONER 🙂...

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Open Class September 10th 3pm! Bachelorettes, groups, or individual ladies welcome but you must preregister.