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Lap Dance Moves & Lessons

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Lap Dance Moves & Lessons

Should I take a lap dance class before I take a pole dance class? Many people approach pole and lap dance as two separate entities, which they certainly can be. However in the more exotic dance genres I feel the two are very intertwined and linked, similar to how modern dance uses a lot of ballet as its basis (sorry dance purists, but I was a ballerina before I was a pole dancer, as were many of the ladies I worked with). So you are a beginner, and you want to take pole dance lessons, but you also want to look authentic, not like a “housewife that learned a pole trick”, am I...

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Who is teaching your pole dance party? Why it matters….

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Ten years ago your choices for a pole dance party or class were fairly slim. Slim isn’t bad of course! Even ten years ago it was a fairly new market, just growing, with the fitness market starting to move into the pole realm, and the pole realm starting to move into the party and mainstream dance market, and all three markets kind of starting to eye each other, sizing each other up. Are we competition? Are we possible co-conspirators? Are we business rivals or allies? Things have started to straighten themselves out quite a bit, and the pole business has kind of settled into a few...

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Pole Dance Fitness

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People come to my pole dance class & the first thing they want to do usually is go upside down. Honestly, I can normally get someone upside down in one lesson. I had a VERY fit 42 year old mom who was picking up some spins and such pretty fast last week and I decided to time her. Seven minutes! But  does that mean she is really in shape enough to go upside down all the time, and pole dance in general? She was in great shape. But if you are just doing tricks and not working on your overall fitness in general you are going to injure yourself.  What do you need to supplement your pole dance...

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Pole Dancing Clothes

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So you have taken a pole dance class, or bought a pole and suddenly you realize…..I need pole dancing clothes. Pole dancing wear really falls into two categories. Sexy pole dance outfits to wear once you have perfected your routines, and practice wear (like pole dancing shorts, etc.). Pole Dance Outfits & Stripperwear fall into quite a few of their own subcategories. Sexy Stripper Separates ~ These are super popular because when you are pole dancing it adds to the performance if you can take off a piece at a time. Also, you can mix and match your gear that way for a variety of...

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X Pole Information

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I have had quite a few poles at home and currently in my spare room I have the x pole. This pole is also my “carry” pole, the pole I use at private parties or to take to friends houses for practice or to mess around 🙂 If you are looking to be really serious about your pole investment, this pole is the choice of both pole instructors and students. While its not the cheapest option, it is the most versatile. Here is some basic info~ Articulating base – easy to set up on uneven floor Static or spinning – uses 6 ball bearings, two hidden screws to lock/unlock Double width...

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"Stripper" Nutrition tips & Fitness

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Want to get a body like a stripper? Drink all night, smoke cigarettes, sleep all day and gyrate for dollars. Not really 🙂 “You must be in great shape to do this” “I dont have the body for this, but it is fun” “How do you girls stay in shape” First of all, I am not the skinniest girl in the world but I am far from out of shape. Id say Im on the good side of normal. One thing I did learn working in strip clubs was a larger acceptance of female beauty than you would realize. Personality goes a long way. Often it wasnt the size 4 blonde with the 34dd’s...

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