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Pole Dancing Clothes

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So you have taken a pole dance class, or bought a pole and suddenly you realize…..I need pole dancing clothes. Pole dancing wear really falls into two categories. Sexy pole dance outfits to wear once you have perfected your routines, and practice wear (like pole dancing shorts, etc.). Pole Dance Outfits & Stripperwear fall into quite a few of their own subcategories. Sexy Stripper Separates ~ These are super popular because when you are pole dancing it adds to the performance if you can take off a piece at a time. Also, you can mix and match your gear that way for a variety of...

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Pole Dance Boots

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These boots are my lifesavers! In a year a go through a few pairs of these between teaching & dancing ~ they really save my legs from a lot of the bruising that comes along with repeating climbs and maneuvers over and over again. Here in Vegas and online I have never seen these for less than $80, I am selling them for less than $60. Save  10% off my low price by using the coupon code FEATURED at checkout. Click...

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Pink Ruffled Skirt Set

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I totally love this cute little exotic dancer clubwear set and it is less than $20~!  The bra top is shirred, so it would enhance a smaller bust or look great on a larger chested girl. It comes with the panty, the ruffled stripper skirt and the bra top. One size fits most, great price and very flattering to many figures! Don’t forget to use the coupon code FEATURED for 10% off your entire order. Click Here to check out this cute must-have at home or in your dance...

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