Christians and Pole Dance?

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Pole dance isn’t exactly known for it’s puritanical roots. While this article doesn’t exactly pick sides if you have taken my class I have a very different view of pole dance. You can be ANYTHING and pole dance. The dance is an expression of you, so if you have something to say it can be said in dance. This includes any types of joy and love. Many of the women who come to my class are married or getting married and are doing it for their intended mate. As a woman I often feel judgement is one sided. We live in a slut shaming culture and pole dance is no different. The...

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Pole Mishap Leads to Lawsuit!?

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Ok this is totally not funny but this article shows why you should do a little research on the best poles for at home use. Email me with any questions because this would totally suck! Stripper pole mishap leads to Riverview neighbor’s lawsuit…… Quote from the article here: According to a lawsuit filed in Hillsborough County Court, White reportedly invited her neighbor, Valerie Boston, over to give the pole a whirl. As with all impeccable ideas, this one ended badly. Read the entire article...

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Pole Dance Mini Videos

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A couple weeks ago I promised some girls in class I’d get some videos up & running to refresh what we did in class. These are obviously super basic phone videos & I will add more when I can. You can book your pole dance class DIRECTLY through me!

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Pole Dancing Classes Las Vegas

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Reserve your spot in pole dance class The pole dance class in Las Vegas season is heating up and I am getting a lot of calls and questions for and about the classes and pole parties I offer. All classes Classes run from 1-8PM seven days a week and transportation can be arranged. We are located here in an extremely central location in a gorgeous boutique with custom stripper outfits and shoes to compliment your new found skills. Booking a class is easy, you can reserve your time online here http://learnpoledance.com/pole-dance/ I will call you to confirm so make sure you leave your correct...

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Pole Dancing Clothes

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So you have taken a pole dance class, or bought a pole and suddenly you realize…..I need pole dancing clothes. Pole dancing wear really falls into two categories. Sexy pole dance outfits to wear once you have perfected your routines, and practice wear (like pole dancing shorts, etc.). Pole Dance Outfits & Stripperwear fall into quite a few of their own subcategories. Sexy Stripper Separates ~ These are super popular because when you are pole dancing it adds to the performance if you can take off a piece at a time. Also, you can mix and match your gear that way for a variety of...

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Xotic Eyes~ Very hot makeup!

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Want to have your makeup be amazing AND easy? Checkout Xotic Eyes. Xotic eyes makes your makeup application flawless and glamorous. Great for a night out or if you work in the club. Its all about getting noticed right? Check out this video to see how easy it is. Xotic Eyes   Some of the xotic eyes are BLACK LIGHT REACTIVE so they glow in the black light, check them out!...

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Open Class September 10th 3pm! Bachelorettes, groups, or individual ladies welcome but you must preregister. http://learnpoledance.com/open-class/