Christians and Pole Dance?

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Pole dance isn’t exactly known for it’s puritanical roots. While this article doesn’t exactly pick sides if you have taken my class I have a very different view of pole dance. You can be ANYTHING and pole dance. The dance is an expression of you, so if you have something to say it can be said in dance. This includes any types of joy and love. Many of the women who come to my class are married or getting married and are doing it for their intended mate.


As a woman I often feel judgement is one sided. We live in a slut shaming culture and pole dance is no different. The exotic dancer is shamed going to work, when her motivations are purely professional. Why do you go to work? Money stresses, children to support, debts to pay. As a matter of fact to many seasoned dancers stripping is not sexual at all. But what about the men? Male customers are mostly there for a prurient interest. I’d be pretty comfortable saying 99.9% of men in a strip club are there for sexual reasons. And .1% of them took a wrong turn in Albuquerque.

So should Christians pole dance? I think the question should be should Christians WATCH pole dance? Which gets me to the question I really want to ask, should Christians watch their wives pole dance? If she wants to pole dance? Which brings me back to my original thought. If dance is a form of expression and that expression is love and fun and communication inside a marriage now what do you think? Could the act of finding a new way of communication and expression of that love help strengthen the bonds of something no man should tear asunder?

I certainly do not want to make an opinion either way. But for me, I pray, I read my bible. I pole dance.

Do you want to?

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