Here’s what you will learn in my pole dance class

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Pole Class Las VegasI get asked often when people are planning their Las Vegas trip pole party “Am I really going to learn anything?”.

Yes you are going to learn a lot!

From my FAQ:

What will I learn in a pole dance party?
A lot! I was not only a professional dancer, I was also a dance major in college, a dance instructor, and am a fitness instructor. I have specially designed my class unique from any other to give you a LOT of information in a small amount of time that you can actually use again at home, out at the club, or even on your at home pole if you choose to get one.
Stripper lap dance moves are integrated into a warm up and lesson, then I will show you how to take the lap dance moves and translate them onto the pole for your filler movement. From there, in one lesson I will get you spinning on the pole with enough moves to use the routine I give you or put together your own EVEN IF YOU AREN’T AN EXPERIENCED DANCER.

I start by getting everyone warmed up using lap dance moves. As everyone gets warmer, the moves get more advanced. By the time lap dance is over you will have a full routine for any three and a half minute song (that is average club length). Worried about remembering it? Don’t be I will give you memory tricks and sayings on how to remember each move.
Also by the end of lap dance you will learn: How to pick your stripper name, how to move to any type of music, how to take the routine I’ve showed you and turn from a three and a half minute song to an hour VIP 😉 ….at home or in the club. I will also give inside tricks on stripper hustle you will not learn anywhere else and how to use them at home in a fun, playful way to spice up your life.
From lap dance we go to the pole. First thing we will use most of the moves you learned in lap dance on the pole so you can be familiar with it and comfortable from the first song. Then I will show you the technique secret on how to get you onto the pole easily and professionally without needing a lot of upper body strength.  This is a trick most studios don’t want you to know because they want to sell you big packages of classes. Once you learn this you can go home and look at spins on you tube and you will understand the body mechanics needed to try them yourself. When you understand the body mechanics I will show you spins and how to put it all together. You will have lots of free time to practice, laugh, and take pictures.

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