Pole Dance DVD Review~

Posted By poledancer on Oct 1, 2011 |

Whenever I teach my pole dance class I am asked for information on the best DVDs for pole dance.

My personal favorite is Poletricks 101 by Pantera.
Pole Dance DVD

Even though this video has mostly advanced tricks, it really breaks down many tricks and spins so you can actually figure out how to do them. Now, if you are looking for a pole workout style DVD this isn’t really one of those. There is no warm up or cool down. No routines. There is some pole~style nudity. But as far as really putting together a lot of tricks in one place, this video is it! I know many instructors myself included who have used this video as a go-to. Also, this was one of the first videos ever available for tricks.


If you are looking for actual pole workout DVDs here is a comprehensive list ~
Pole Dance Workouts.


A workout video is going to have more or a warm up and cool down.

There are also more general Pole Dance DVDs available that are kind of more of a cross between a workout and straight instruction here~
General Pole Dance DVDs


Of course, you may not have an actual pole at home but everyone has a lap. If you can’t remember the routine you learned in class or you want new moves here is a list of lap dance DVDs.
Lap Dance Lessons on DVD


The most popular lap dance DVD is Carmen Electras. I have not personally viewed it, but I have heard excellent things about it from other instructors and my students alike.

Lap Dance DVDI hope this helps! Feel free to add your reviews and suggestions in the comments section.

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