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Pole Dance Instructor in Las Vegas

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Pole Dance Instructor

Professional Training & Experience:
Began dance lessons 1979
College Dance at UNR, UNLV and the University of Utah
Teaching pole parties and fitness since 2006
200 Hour RYT Graduate
Thai Massage Graduate
Training in Body Pump, Belly Dance, Zumba, StripTease Aerobics
Dance & Fitness Instructor since 1996
Professional performer since 1997
Exotic Dancer for 3 years in Reno 5 years in Las Vegas
Playboy cyber model


Why buy a pole or take a class from me?
I care greatly about my students goals. When you come in for a class or a party the first thing I find out is “Why are you here, what do you want to learn?” and it is my goal to accomplish that. My experience and knowledge is unique because I can show you not just pole tricks but how to look and feel like an exotic dancer, and how to put together your own routines.
I am grateful to my students and pole buyers who have made it possible for me to do something that I love while still being able to take care of my family on my own.
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About Me~

I am just like you. First I am a woman in all that encompasses …a mother, stepmother, wife, daughter, sister, friend. I am in the very same breath a dancer. To me, dance is life. I started with ballet lessons at three and kept on through high school. I began my own yoga practices at 15, I started teaching aerobics and yoga at 19, and I started teaching preschool dance at 20. As a 21 year old I was in the fortunate position of being in college as a dance minor, education major in Reno. I auditioned for many shows, and danced with a few smaller companies . Already a dance, exercise and yoga instructor teaching pole and lap dance to me is a way to have fun and help other women become comfortable in their own skin. Learning pole dance gives you an appreciation for your own unique movement style. Pole is unique because really in pole and exotic dance the only “wrong way” is not being yourself. To me, instead of being a dance form where you have to fit into a mold exotic dance can be embraced by all body types and fitness levels. It is really for everyone. pole dance
I am the  mother to a beautiful son, I have two gorgeous young ladies who are my stepdaughters, I have a beautiful mother and sister, and I am so lucky to live with my best friends and their children.
If you are visiting Vegas or already live here, I hope to see you in a pole dance class with me very soon!





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Questions?? email: luckylana11@gmail.com

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Pole Dance Instructor in Las Vegas
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