Pole & Class FAQ

Stripper Pole & Class FAQ

Is the stripper pole safe for spins, flips, to hold my body weight?
I get this question a lot. Each pole varies slightly but I only offer poles on my site that you can actually do pole tricks on. Most dance poles are rated for approx. 200 pounds.

What is the cost for a pole dance class?
Classes are $40 per lady for four plus students
1-3 ladies are $150 for a class
Stripper coaching is $250 and includes pole dance, lap dance, and advanced hustle technique designed for the professional exotic dancer but also open to anyone interested in the business.

What will I learn in a pole dance party?
A lot! I was not only a professional dancer, I was also a dance major in college, a dance instructor, and am a fitness instructor. I have specially designed my class unique from any other to give you a LOT of information in a small amount of time that you can actually use again at home, out at the club, or even on your at home pole if you choose to get one.
Stripper lap dance moves are integrated into a warm up and lesson, then I will show you how to take the lap dance moves and translate them onto the pole for your filler movement. From there, in one lesson I will get you spinning on the pole with enough moves to use the routine I give you or put together your own EVEN IF YOU AREN’T AN EXPERIENCED DANCER.

I’m having a party but my mother in law, aunt, and mom want to come.
They are going to have fun too! I promise I won’t embarrass you and we all have moms. We will make sure everyone feels pretty, playful, and successful. I cater to the fact that pretty, playful, and successful are going to mean different things for different people in one group. Bring them you will make a wonderful memory and have a great time.

My friend took a class in Vegas and it was so crowded and she didn’t learn very much. Will I really learn anything?
Yes! I am one person teaching at a real locally owned small business studio. We keep our classes smaller because we don’t book through ticket agents, have huge overhead, dozens of employees we are able to give your group individual attention. We have lots of poles.

I want to take the class but it’s not my birthday and nobody’s getting married.
Girls day out! I can do classes as small as three girls. One on one privates are available as well.

What should I wear for pole or lap dance class?
For bachlorette pole parties, pole dance for fitness, or pole dance class ANY class where there is contact with the pole I suggest wearing shorts or pants you can easily roll up. You will want skin contact with the dance pole. For a combination pole dance or lap dance class you will want to do the same. If you are attending a lap dance only class or workshop you may wear anything you can move in.
Helpful suggestions~ Do NOT wear lotion the day of the class.
Wear something you feel attractive in. Learning pole and exotic dance helps you to get in touch with your feminine side. You will sweat some and be active but feel free to get creative. Booty shorts, skorts, whatever.

What about shoes?
If it is your first time in class, or a bachlorette party for lap dance and exotic dance lessons you can wear athletic shoes, or even a moderate heel or sandal if you can easily dance in them. Bare feet are always acceptable for lap dance lessons or pole dance & fitness class.
However, I suggest if you are going to pursue pole dance as a fitness, fun or sport hobby to get some boots. Click here for some great deals on pole dance boots & stripper type heels. For pole climbs and inversions the boots make everything much easier.

Pole & Lap Dance Class FAQ's
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Pole & Lap Dance Class FAQ's
Answers questions like what to wear, what you will learn and the difference between different kinds of pole and lap dance classes.

Open Class September 10th 3pm! Bachelorettes, groups, or individual ladies welcome but you must preregister. http://learnpoledance.com/open-class/