Pole Dance Class & Workshop Price List & Calendar

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Price list


Private session (1-3 people, private class) – $150

This price covers a full hour of personalized lessons based on your skill level on/around the pole.

PRIVATE Pole Party Classes 4+ participants$40 per person (other studios in town charge $40 for a class with up to 30 other participants, for the same price you can get your own VIP private class with me)

This is a closed class and will only be offered to the individuals in YOUR party. The only class in town that allows time for pictures DURING class (normally the last 10 minutes). We don’t charge for photos!! Show your moves off or not….upload to social media or save for that special someone. Totally up to you! Photos during instructor directed time at end of class, please no photos during instruction time.

The class must carry a minimum of 4 individuals to book at this rate. (For less than 4 people see either the private sessions or open classes.)

The class will offer a variety of pole and floor maneuvers based on the instructor’s curriculum.

Open class$35 per person

All by yourself and want to join a group? Small group and don’t care if your class is private? Join an open class OR create an open class by calling and letting us know you want an open class and we can work with you!

(schedule will vary based on availabilities) –

This price covers the cost of a single participant’s class in our studio.

The class will offer varied levels of skill and select pole maneuvers based on the instructor’s curriculum.
*These classes are scheduled with other singles or small groups

Work Shop Classes – $50 per person

These are special event classes that will be scheduled at minimum twice a year

the client must be signed up and prepaid to receive entrance into the class and studio

Showgirl Pole Club~ $18
If you have taken ANY pole class (private session, closed pole party, open pole class or workshop) within the last year at the regular price you can join any open class for just $18 or take any workshop

email luckylana11@gmail.com to book

Pole & Lap Dance Workshop
Showgirl Supplies & Pole Dance Studio, 3125 S Industrial Rd,Las Vegas,Nevada
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Open Class September 10th 3pm! Bachelorettes, groups, or individual ladies welcome but you must preregister. http://learnpoledance.com/open-class/