Pole Dancing Class Testimonials

I love to teach pole dance! As a pole dance instructor I love to see my students really get in touch with their inner pole dancer.
Classes are a great way to enjoy a bachelorette party or just learn a new skill for fitness or fun.

Here are testimonials from prior pole and lap dance students as well as bachelorette parties.

I never knew lap dance would be so fun, we didn’t exactly expect that part of class but we had my aunt and her friend there (in their fifties) and they LOOOOVVVEED that part too it was less scary than the pole.


Hey Lana Your pole dancing class was so much fun. It was the highlight of my weekend during the day. I have never done anything like that. It was fun and educational because the day I returned home I practiced the moves on my husband and he really liked it 🙂 It was great because you taught the move and let us practice. I really appreciated the attention you gave to everyone so that we can all learn the moves. It was very nice of you to include everyone as an example. I actually don’t think I have anything negative to say about the class. Also you were very accommodating after we missed our originally scheduled class you were able to fit us in and give us a full class lesson. Once again thank you so much for all the fun and can’t wait to come back for our next bachlorette party or just a weekend to Vegas with the girls.



What can I say we normally don’t do this (we had a group of four lady engineers) but broke out of our comfort zone for my friend’s birthday. So glad we did we may not be professional strippers but she totally made the moves simple and got on our level. Glad we went to a studio that has private classes it might have been hard in a room full of strangers but this studio was perfect for us.


Our weekend in Vegas was crazy we ended up there the same day as EDC and the crowds on te strip were nuts but this class was one of the highlights of our weekend. We used the lap dance moves that night HAHA. Great class & cute studio.


Thank you so much for making the bachelorette feel special! The class was a surprise and she is normally shy but everyone felt so comfortable. The we loved doing photos at the end of class with our new moves! Nikki

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