Pole Dancing Clothes

Posted By poledancer on Oct 13, 2011 |

So you have taken a pole dance class, or bought a pole and suddenly you realize…..I need pole dancing clothes. Pole dancing wear really falls into two categories.
Sexy pole dance outfits to wear once you have perfected your routines, and practice wear (like pole dancing shorts, etc.).
Pole Dance Outfits & Stripperwear fall into quite a few of their own subcategories.

  • Sexy Stripper Separates ~ These are super popular because when you are pole dancing it adds to the performance if you can take off a piece at a time. Also, you can mix and match your gear that way for a variety of looks.
  • Stripper Dresses~ Next popular are sexy pole dancing club wear type outfits. Most pole dance dresses are going to be a bit more daring than what most people would wear to a club, but you never know. (I live in Vegas so I have seen it all)
  • Stripper Costumes~ Schoolgirl, naughty nurse, maid, pole dancing police officer. It might be a bit of a cliche from a Motley Crue video but fantasy sells and a costume and a pole go hand in hand.
  • Corsets~ While maybe not the most practical pole dance outfit, for lap dance a corset to bust out of is HOT.

Pole Dance Shorts & Practice Wear

  • Pole Dance Shorts & Practice wear~ Even when you are practicing you want to look hot, but be able to make contact with the pole. Usually shorts are your best bet, but use layers to stay comfy. Legwarmers, sweaters, etc.

Also, don’t forget the Pole Dance Stripper shoes & boots and when practicing your climbs & inversions I highly suggest Gorilla gold grip enhancer its the only grip enhances I use, but I will write more on that later!

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