"Stripper" Nutrition tips & Fitness

Posted By poledancer on Sep 9, 2011 |

Want to get a body like a stripper? Drink all night, smoke cigarettes, sleep all day and gyrate for dollars. Not really 🙂

“You must be in great shape to do this” “I dont have the body for this, but it is fun” “How do you girls stay in shape”

First of all, I am not the skinniest girl in the world but I am far from out of shape. Id say Im on the good side of normal. One thing I did learn working in strip clubs was a larger acceptance of female beauty than you would realize. Personality goes a long way. Often it wasnt the size 4 blonde with the 34dd’s that made a ton of money, but a dancer pushing 40 or a larger size who makes the most money at the club because she has a fun personality. Hey, maybe the size four is just being bitchy because she is hungry 😉 .

That being said I am 35, have thankfully worn sunscreen everyday for the past 22 years, and have pretty much been able to eat what I want within reason. However this past year or so I have noticed that I needed to “fine tune” a little bit. I was always one of those girls a few pounds over my “goal” even though I was teaching dance & yoga, and eating 1600 calories a day. Being a fitness instructor I knew how and when to eat, and even though I wasn’t always totally diligent I felt like I was missing something. I felt I could look better. Then I read Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body! by Jillian Michaels. First of all I am NOT a Biggest Loser fan. I really didnt know very much about Jillian Michaels.

An easy synopsis of the book is that chemicals in our food react on a hormonal level in our bodies and make us fat and old 🙂 The book gets fairly technical in a few chapters but it also breaks it down easily, what to shop for, and even a VERY simple diet plan I was able to follow. In five days I lost four pounds. Not hungry, sleeping well, eating real food four times a day. My clothes were looser around my waistline and legs. After the first few pounds came off I have steadily lost a little every week since and I feel awesome. I highly suggest this book on your way to being in pole dancing shape!

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