Warning! Use bachelorette party etiquette to avoid mistakes!

Posted By poledancer on Mar 3, 2012 |

For the most part bachelorette parties are going to be fun. However there are a few common mistakes I have seen happen over & over again. Check out this list to make sure you don’t add drama to the estrogen alcohol mix.

  1. Pole dancing with your mother in law & great grandma.  This may work depending on the brides relationship with her family & future family but think about it. Can you imagine learning how to do a stripper grind for mommys favorite son while shes there? Or even worse, while she’s there learning the same trick for your father in law/ future grandfather to your children? It may work it may not. Don’t exclude anyone, offer brunch or shopping at the same time.
  2. Pole dancing with a hangover. One bachelorette party I taught the girls were ADORABLE & had flown in the night before. They partied all night and had a lesson planned for 10:30 am. They were late, the bride had been bought drinks by horny Las Vegas guys all night and was looking really green. I ended up holding her hair and a trash can for her and I myself was unable to eat greek yogurt for a month. I love greek yogurt! The bride was pressured to drink a lot after a work day and a long flight and her friends were able to enjoy the lesson but she wasn’t. Make sure you think about sleep, hangovers, activities, etc as you schedule.
  3. The tour guide from hell.  I always feel bad for those girls that come in after having done a pool party, mani/pedis, marathon shopping, the titanic exhibit at the luxor, the roller coaster at the stratosphere, brunch, lunch and then a pole dance lesson at 3pm. Pick a few highlights of the trip and let everyone enjoy themselves. You may want to schedule downtime where the ladies can take a nap and make quick calls back to kids & assure husbands they havent run off with one of those sexy blue bald bastards from the blue man group.
  4. Nothing to do. The flip side of this is having nothing to do. If you pick out your “must do” things and any activity that has a scheduled time like a show, dinner reservations, etc make a list of things that can be done anytime. Pool time, a trip to a local bar, shopping, sightseeing or taking a drive or a taxi to a local destination.
  5. Pissy spouses and privacy. Make sure either all activities are okayed with everyones significant other and/or decide what you and your girls are going to do about uploading twitters, facebook checkins, fb photos, etc. Get everyones permission first and decide as a group what your social media strategy will be. Ask before you tag. Be cool
  6. Be sensitive. Someone may back out of drinking, matching hoochie mama outfits, or an activity for different reasons. Some girls don’t want to be groped by a strange half naked man because it makes them anxious, some ladies have religious restrictions on clothing or tarot card readings. Women are all so different and you may have a group with a Mormon girl wearing her “garments”, a new mommy who just gave birth and is nursing and pumping, a single mom who was able to afford the trip but not a bunch of shopping, whatever. Allow ladies to bow out gracefully if needed and plan to meet up with them in a few hours. Be classy & dont talk about them when you are all off.
  7. Get the lay of the land & ask questions. Be cool to your bartenders, service staff and entertainers. These people see a hundred assholes a weekend. Just because its your special weekend doesn’t make you a special asshole. You’re special when you are able to come in, display some class and some cash and let the professionals do the rest. Normally just because a group has a bachelorette doesn’t mean the bachelorette gets something free. Let the staff know what your group is and if you are cool and classy they will offer any comps they are allowed to.
    If your group is larger and you are in a bar make sure you’re not in the way and everyone is of age, with id.  Also double check with the bartender if there is a specific area where you guys need to be. Ask if they have specialty shots. Find out about tipping & photo policies. As a pole instructor AND bartender I want you to enjoy your party but as soon as you start making my day hard its not going to happen.  This girls that come in, get their tickets and drink orders organized, are smiling and having fun are going to get a free shot for the special lady & advice on how to get half price tickets. I had one group I especially enjoyed doing the pole dance party for and they happened to be seeing american storm where I was bartending that evening. I made sure to point out the group & the ladies had a memorable time for sure! You don’t have to spend a lot, just use the golden rule.

Most of all have fun! Support your friend by helping things run smooth and enjoying yourself and helping be a peacemaker if you need to.
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