What should I wear to pole dance class?

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I get a lot of questions about what to wear to class, what things are appropriate to bring (drinks? snacks?) and basic pole studio etiquette. Here are my best tips from teaching since 2006 here in many different pole studios in Las Vegas.

  • What to wear to pole dance class. YouTube videos are full of scantily clad pole dancers of all shapes and sizes. While at first glance the reason may be for the audiences’ benefit, try a knee grab with yoga pants or sweats on and you will immediately see why. Wearing shorts will help you to grip the pole. At least being shorts with you, or pants you can roll up. You will feel better. Any top you wear needs to allow a full range of motion for your arms. That cute top your boobs look good in that you can’t raise your arms in won’t work. You should be able to easily raise both arms in the air without  feeling confined. Some great fun accessories to enhance your look are a kimono / over shirt or layered tank tops or t shirts, knee socks or leg warmers, a cute sweatshirt or in the summertime a baby doll type sun dress or bathing suit cover up. Any of these can be thrown on at the end of class for your pictures.
  • Speaking of pictures…..Are pictures allowed during class? Yes of course….to an extent. Remember: you are in a class type setting. Just like you wouldn’t walk into a classroom for a lecture or an exercise class or even a yoga class and start snapping photos of the instructor & other participants etiquette dictates not doing that in pole either. Some participants may not want to be in a picture, and I know it is kind of unnerving (and, kind of rude) when I am teaching when people pull out their cameras & start snapping away at me. I LOVE to be in pictures I just like to be ready, like anyone else. I have organized my class many different ways over the years and I have found the best way to do this now is by allowing photos at the end of class free for all time. This way if anyone wants to step out they can, I can take a photo or two of the group, and even be in a few if the party wants.
  • vodkaI totally need a shot for this! Haha! Me too, sounds great! 😉 But you may want to remember a few things- you will be spinning on a pole. Spinning and drinking. Just think about it for a sec I’ll wait…….. Yup that’s what I thought. The momentary shot of courage may turn into a stomach or head ache. Often times girls walk in with a drink because they had limo service on the way over. We do not allow drinks on the floor of the studio so any beverages will stay in the dressing room and no I do not follow girls in to see if they are sipping on their brunch vodka cran or if they are pulling off their bottled water. So while we don’t normally police it (if you’re drinking enough to alarm the pole dance instructor in Vegas you gotta slow down), my suggestion is to come hydrated & clear headed & reward yourself after. The studio also offers a variety of waters, sodas and juices for sale.
  • I need some of those stripper shoes! Yes girl, you DO need the shoes! If you are comfortable in heels by all means wear them. stripper shoesHowever, don’t be a hero. Remember, your first job is to learn the moves. Bring heels if you want (at least for your your pictures). If you want to take them off, fine. If you want to wear sneakers, fine. Safety and comfort are first.

More info that may be of help:
Our address is at 3125 S Industrial Road, inside the Showgirls Supply store on Industrial just north of Desert Inn. All of the major hotels have taxi cabs outside. If you need transport for more than four girls there are mini-van taxis available. Give yourself at least 30 minutes just in case and if you need help ask at the front desk they are there to help. After you give the driver the address you can let them know it is between the Deja Vu and Sapphire club.  This is a REAL stripper pole studio inside a REAL stripper supply store. There is no other experience like this in Las Vegas and I may be biased but I think our studio and staff is the most unique, true to life Vegas pole dance experience that is available in town. Our staff is amazing. We are also near the fashion show mall inside the Showgirls Supply store.

Las Vegas Pole Studio
Each participant can pay for themselves once they get to the studio.
A credit card is required to hold your requested date and time but it is only charged if there is a no call/ no show or cancellation before 72 hours.
The showgirls supply store is an amazing shopping experience you may not get to experience anywhere else & you will get a discount if you tag yourself on the studio facebook page & your pictures are appreciated!

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