Who is teaching your pole dance party? Why it matters….

Posted By poledancer on Sep 28, 2013 |

Ten years ago your choices for a pole dance party or class were fairly slim. Slim isn’t bad of course! Even ten years ago it was a fairly new market, just growing, with the fitness market starting to move into the pole realm, and the pole realm starting to move into the party and mainstream dance market, and all three markets kind of starting to eye each other, sizing each other up. Are we competition? Are we possible co-conspirators? Are we business rivals or allies? Things have started to straighten themselves out quite a bit, and the pole business has kind of settled into a few different categories that are very important to know about if you are planning a special occasion for yourself or another, or if you are looking to get into pole dance as a hobby, sport, or exercise mode.
So what do you need to know? Your choice of instructor, venue, or studio should be based on your needs, gut feelings, and expectations. Here’s what you need to know:

~If you are looking for a regular class to learn pole dance as an ART, DISCIPLINE or SPORT choose a studio that offers packages or monthly memberships.

                      I have taught in many different venues to many different body types. I can get 70-80% of girls to do an inversion in ONE class either a small group, or a private one on one. However, just because I can show you how to haul your cute bootie up in the air upside down and get your legs wrapped around the brass does not mean you have the flexibility and strength to do it multiple times, or even get in and out of it gracefully and correctly. I myself do not teach fitness pole or series pole classes at the moment. If you are in town and want to learn a climb or inversion specifically I do one on ones or small group classes, however I will also break down what you need to do to get in and out of it, and some things to do to get strong on your own at home.  One on one classes are $149.  Email or call me if you have a group of friends who want a one or two time technique class. If you are local (in Vegas) email me for recommendations on pole fitness instructors who do monthly classes if you want classes on a regular basis luckylana11@gmail.com.

~You are having a one time PARTY and you are looking for something special for yourself, a dear friend, etc.

                        It may be a bachelorette, girls weekend in Vegas, birthday, divorce. You want to unwind, give everyone a shot of sexy, different, and adrenalin, get some cute photos, feel good and have fun. Your group may be all similar physically, or you may have what often happens in a bachelorette party where there is a mother in law (or two), friends in their twenties, and a few other relatives. This class needs to NOT feel like an exercise class.  You know what else you don’t need here? An instructor who spends your precious vacation time showing you a bunch of pole moves you cannot do & turns you into her personal, paying audience.  I have heard this complaint many times. Pole classes have become a big business in Vegas. What happens when a business becomes big? It’s automated and impersonal. Instructors are auditioned and hired based upon the show they can put on for someone in a corporate office somewhere and you end up standing there just wishing striperella would slow down enough to show you a spin you can do and a sexy pose for a social media picture. For a one time party choose an INSTRUCTOR or a VENUE where you can have personal contact with the staff teaching or handling your party.  You are way more likely to have a good time this way. Some of the “big business” pole dance classes in Vegas have good to great instructors but it can be a gamble. Before your class, contact me not just for dates and availability but to tell me about your party first so we can put some thought into preparing just for you.

~“When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.” (Donald Miller)

                    Ah, expectations. We are all grown women here, aren’t we? We have expected things and been delighted, we have expected things and been disappointed (from mildly to grossly am I right?). I bet you don’t know what to expect from a pole class because in doing your research you have read vague reviews, seen pictures of super advanced tricks, and maybe seen photos of everyone gathered around for a picture but what the hell should you expect to do? Here is how I have designed my class and what I think the BASIC expectations should be. 1.Efficient use of time. You have an hour to an hour and a half. Do you want to waste 20 minutes stretching? I incorporate lap dance moves with my warm up so you are learning and stretching. 2. You want the moves you learn to be authentic. The class can be taught by an ex stripper or not, but if you are taking a pole class you should learn authentic, smooth moves and transitions so you can look like a stripper and not like a housewife who learned a pole trick. You could do that yourself by watching youtube. 3. Appropriate but FUN repetition and feedback. For example I teach a move, then let the ladies have fun practicing it while tightening up technique.  4.Fun & camaraderie. Your instructor should encourage even a mixed group to move at their own pace and enjoy themselves. Also, she should offer slightly different moves so your least coordinated party member still has something to do if she is having a hard time.


I have taught pole since 2005, been pole dancing since 1998 and was a dance major in college. Pole Parties are my favorite type of pole class to teach because I feel like in an hour you can learn so much. If you have questions about your upcoming party contact me here http://www.learnpoledance.com/poleparty.html  and I will see YOU when you get to Vegas!











Open Class September 10th 3pm! Bachelorettes, groups, or individual ladies welcome but you must preregister. http://learnpoledance.com/open-class/