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Read this before you buy your stripper pole.
Stripper Poles for fun & Fitness! Perfect for your home, dorm, or next party.

Is the stripper pole safe for spins, flips, to hold my body weight?
I get this question a lot. Each pole varies slightly but I only offer poles on my site that you can actually do pole tricks on. Most dance poles are rated for approx. 250 pounds. Please see each individual pole for measurements but I have put together some info below on pole sizing.


Professional Grade Poles

xpole stripper pole X~Pole

Excellent professional grade pole. Holds heavier weights.

Portable & removable

Sizing from 2235mm (7′ 4″) to 2745mm (9′) straight from the box The 125mm (5in) and 250mm (10in) are included with each X-Pole set to reach a maximum ceiling height of 9ft but you can order parts for larger ceilings. Articulating Base (Uneven Floor). Very sturdy. I own this pole!


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lil mynx stripper poleLil Mynx PolesThe original at home pole. This was the first pole I ever owned in pink of course. Studio grade. If you have a custom size you need look here. Removable & portable poles. Spinning AND Static as well as a smaller diameter skinny pole for small hands. Also a “wake stripper pole” for your ski boat. All sizes with additional parts you can buy for vaulted or dropped ceilings. Poles come in spinning and static with a 1.75 or 2 “diameter option

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Platinum Stages Stripper Poles
If you are looking for a very specific size or function please check the professional pole options as they are more specialized.
You may also text or email me with specific sizing questions & recommendations.
If you want a basic home stripper pole the ones in my store are good quality home basic options for cheaper & they will work just as well.



Read this before you buy a stripper pole.
Article Name
Read this before you buy a stripper pole.
This article helps you pick which stripper pole to buy and goes over the differences between Carmen Electra poles, X Poles, Platinum Stages poles and other home or professional poles.

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