Lil Mynx Stripper Poles

Lil Mynx Stripper Poles

The Lil Mynx was the first at home pole I ever owned (see me at left in my at home studio) and was one of the first to bring stripper poles out of the strip clubs & into the studios & homes of people who wanted to pole dance.

Lil Mynx offers quite a few options for their poles including: Rotating/Spinning stripper poles in both colors and stainless steel, and also in PETITE sizes, that are smaller in diameter for small hands.

Vaulted ceiling pole mounts. People ask me for this all the time “what kind of stripper pole can I get if I have a vaulted ceiling?” You used to have to get a freestanding pole base & while those work great in come circumstances this is much much better.

They also offer a ton of replacement parts, which can be a consideration if you feel your pole will be getting heavy use at home. I totally love many of the pole in a box options I sell because for most people they work quite well but if your pole is going to get a ton of use and you are looking at it as a long term item this may be an issue in the future and you may want to seriously consider the fact that some parts may need to be replaced at some point in time if you are using it daily over a period of years. As far as quality and service go they are excellent poles and an excellent company to deal with. Also they can to a custom pole if you have a hard to fit space and they can also do the vaulted ceiling option so if you have a specific need to be filled they can do it.

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Lil Mynx Stripper Poles
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